Dryer Vent Cleaning in Elk Grove Village Illinois



Help Prevent House Fires

Having the dryer vent cleaned once a year will significantly reduce the risk of a fire.

Lower Utility Bills

A clean dryer vent allows your entire system to run more efficiently & reducing your bills.Let us manage your safety program

Reduce Odors & Mold

Keep your clothes and sheets and towels smelling fresh and clean after ever wash!

Residential & Commercial Clothes Dryer Vent Cleaning in Elk Grove Village 

Every time you choose Just Dryer Vents to inspect or clean your dryer vent, you are hiring a locally owned and operated company. We use our proven  11 point inspection and cleaning process to ensure that your clothes dryer runs effectively, effeciently and safely.

11 Point Dryer Vent Cleaning Process

1. Complete an initial all points inspection
2. Clean out the pipe from dryer to wall. White plastic isn’t code. We’ll install correct pipe.
3. Clean out the lint within the dryer itself that gets beyond the lint trap with brush and vacuum. By design, 35% of the lint passes through the lint trap or the dryer wouldn’t dry, like I said before.
4. Vacuum walls and floor and wash floor under dryer if necessary.
5. Vacuum out dryer from rear while it is running to complete dryer cleaning.
6. Run spinning brush or high-pressure reverse-blowing air thru pipe from roof or outside wall, into laundry room while vacuum is running in pipe to suck up loosened lint.
7. Reinstall proper vent piping correctly with quality stainless steel, worm gear clamps that hold pipe securely and don’t come off like spring clamps when dryer is moved to clean or retrieve items.
8. Wash outside of dryer, re-position and balance.
9. Test run dryer to make sure it is working properly.
10. Make sure water hoses (for washer) are tight. Rubber washers shrink over time.
11. Make sure gas pipe (for dryer) is proper material (brass pipe isn’t code), and not leaking.

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Dyer Vent Cleaning Elk Grove Village

As of 2016,  it was found that there are over 33,000 homes in Elk Grove Village, Illinois covering over 19,000 family’s that live in the area.  Elk Grove Village has to be protected against dryer vent fires that break out every year.

Dryer Vent Cleaning is a necessary and important part of preventing a fire in your home.  Since it is so easily preventable it is important to know the last time that your dryer vent was cleaned because of the build up of easily flammable materials that are in your dryer vent.  One of the best ways to prevent your dryer from catching on fire is recognizing the warning signs when you are doing your laundry every week.  If you notice that is it taking multiple cycles in order for your clothes to get dried, then you are having a build up of materials in dryer vent because the air is not escaping to the outside of your home.  This is the same thing that if you notice there is lint and other things stuck to your dryer walls, it means that the lint trap is either full or that there is no more room in the vent for the lint to go.  This will then cause build up inside of the dryer and on your clothes.

If you are noticing these things then it is a pretty good chance that your dryer might need to be cleaned in the future.  One of the best ways to make sure this is done is by using a professional dryer vent cleaning service.  Most of the times you might see an ad in the mail for vent cleaning services for around $19.00 or some special a local business is running.  THESE ARE SCAMS!  AVOID SCAMS!  What they will do is come in to your home and stick a vacuum down your vent system and that is it.  It does not fully remove all the lint, dust, and other items that might be clogging up your dryer vent.  They will then up charge for a full service.  It is a classic technique that less than reputable companies use in order to fleece your pockets.

However, professional dryer vent cleaning services like Just Dryer Vents has experienced technicians and will quote you a fair price.  They will ensure that your dryer vent is running properly and make sure that everything is cleaned out from your dryer vent.  This will prevent unwanted tragedy from happening to your home.  There is nothing more devastating than a fire to destroy all the memories you have built up over time when it is preventable in at least one way by having your dryer vents cleaned out.

Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning Elk Grove Village

If you are the owner of a multi-property building or a complex that needs dryer vent cleaning services WE CAN HELP!  Cleaning dryer vents is all we do and there is now one that does it better.  We will make sure that your property is safe and provide on going services in order to ensure that you protecting your commercial investment over time.  If you have dryers in the unit that are working better than others you become the leading property to rent from in the area.

In the end having your dryers inspected, and services for dryer vent cleaning, is a smart and safe way to protect your family, your property, and your future memories.  Call today and have Just Dryer Vents come out and help you!

How to determine when you should clean your dryer vent:

  • When lint has built up
  • When there is more humidity in the laundry room
  • Your clothes take longer than usual to dry

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“Gave Just dryer vents a call when I needed someone to come out and do some vent cleaning in my dryer. They came out the next day and started cleaning it out. Once it got all cleaned out they tested it to make sure the dryer worked they were very professional. Would use their service again.”

John H.

“I was able to get my dryer vent cleaned the day after I called. Ron did a great job including pointing out some possible future problem areas. I would definitely recommend Ron’s service to others.”

Joe V.

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