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Just Dryer Vents was started by Ron Macfarlane when a friend’s dryer burned one-third of her house down and killed her dog and he saw a need. For over 15 years he has been helping residents and business owners prevent fires and increase the safety of those who live and work in the buildings by cleaning out their dryer vents with professional and safe equipment. Dryer vents are a leading cause of house fires (50,000 last year in U.S.), along with smoking in bed and stove fires. Fire departments and mfrs. recommend cleaning them once a year because lint is very flammable and clogs dryer and pipes. Many people aren’t even aware of the potential problem, or the need to clean them. Out-of-site, out-of-mind, unless clothes take longer to dry. Even then people often think it’s a problem with the dryer itself and buy a new one, or call a serviceman. Often it is just a clogged dryer vent or poor installation, and he’ll recommend not using the dryer until the vent is cleaned and safe. They’re out $100 service call or over $500 if they didn’t need the new dryer they bought, and the problem still isn’t fixed. One complex hadn’t had them cleaned in 10 years and didn’t really think it needed to be done. The board pres. came out to watch us and couldn’t believe that about ½ bushel or more came out of most of them. Some insurance companies will give a discount if all in a complex have their dryer vents cleaned.


Nobody Does It Better

And Its All We Do

BECAUSE DRYER FIRES ARE ONE OF THE LEADING CAUSES OF HOUSE FIRES (over 50,000 per year), with smoking in bed and stove fires! You also save money on gas and electricity, and prematurely wearing out your dryer.  Lint is very flammable, it burns like sterno.  If you have noticed that your dryer is running longer than it used to, or you smell something burning occasionally, you may just need to have the system cleaned, instead of buying a new dryer, like many do. A full load of clothes shouldn’t take more than one cycle to dry, and if your dryer takes longer, you would benefit from a thorough dryer and vent pipe cleaning. They should be cleaned every 1 to 2 years anyhow. Many pipes are 50 feet long or more, and require special equipment and experience, and some run through the wall, through the attic, to the roof. We do a thorough cleaning of even the most difficult installations.  We’ve cleaned over 18,000 systems. We have to repair or replace piping occasionally. Dryer vents are routinely blocked with lint, because 35% goes through the lint screen by design, or not enough air would flow to dry clothes. Animal and bird nesting is another frequent cause of dryer vent blockage, and we remove the birds etc, as well, and sometimes must install a bird and rodent guard. When heat and moisture can’t get out, the dryer over-heats, and can eventually wear out a safety switch, causing the dryer’s components to get too hot, and lead to a fire.  Don’t ever leave the house or go to bed with the dryer running!!     CLEANING THE DRYER AND PIPE REGULARLY IS VERY CHEAP INSURANCE.

Client Education

Some homeowners call and ask, “how much to blow out my dryer”?   We give them a price, but ask them if they just want it blown out, or thoroughly cleaned, which costs a little more.  After we explain that blowing can only do so much, and show them how we usually clean pipes with a spinning brush, they understand that the brush does a much better job, because it scrapes the cemented lint off the pipe, better than just blowing, and removes obstructions better.  Some contractors just blow out some lint with a shop vac. or leaf blower, because they don’t know any better or they know most homeowners don’t know the difference. THE POINT IS, WE DO THE JOB RIGHT!

Sometimes we have to be creative and repair or re-route the piping.  Sometimes we have to go on the roof or in the attic, but sometimes that’s what it takes.  Contractors know unit owners don’t know much about cleaning dryer vents and some take short cuts.  We don’t, and 75% of the time we correct poor installations where the pipe from the dryer to the wall or ceiling is squished or twisted, blocking air flow. Sometimes, pipe is cut or not completely connected, and lint blows all over behind the dryer. If the furnace is in the same room, lint can get through the filter and spew dust all over the house. We are conscientious, and do it right.

Our process takes about one hour to complete.

1. Do this inspection
2. Clean out the pipe from dryer to wall. White plastic isn’t code. We’ll install correct pipe.
3. Clean out the lint within the dryer itself that gets beyond the lint trap with brush and vacuum. By design, 35% of the lint passes through the lint trap or the dryer wouldn’t dry, like I said before.
4. Vacuum walls and floor and wash floor under dryer if necessary.
5. Vacuum out dryer from rear while it is running to complete dryer cleaning.
6. Run spinning brush or high-pressure reverse-blowing air thru pipe from roof or outside wall, into laundry room while vacuum is running in pipe to suck up loosened lint.
7. Reinstall proper vent piping correctly with quality stainless steel, worm gear clamps that hold pipe securely and don’t come off like spring clamps when dryer is moved to clean or retrieve items.
8. Wash outside of dryer, re-position and balance.
9. Test run dryer to make sure it is working properly.
10. Make sure water hoses (for washer) are tight. Rubber washers shrink over time.
11. Make sure gas pipe (for dryer) is proper material (brass pipe isn’t code), and not leaking.

Regular and proper cleaning pays for itself in gas and electricity savings and not prematurely wearing out dryer and clothes! Insured to $2,000,000-work guaranteed- references available-Same day service available.